PC 2 coming soon

Yes! Some of us are currently working on developing another Planet Cazmo. For more information and updates about the game, please follow @CazmoTweets on Twitter. Spread the World! It’s coming out 10th September 2017!!


FreeFlashToys.com – Free Flash Toys, MySpace Toys, Widgets, Games

FreeFlashToys.com – Free Flash Toys, MySpace Toys, Widgets, Games.

♥ I see you drivin’ down town with the girl I love, and I’m like, FORGET YOUU.♥

idk. lol.


Hi Madeleineeeeeeeee :DD

Cazmo Newsletter!!

Far East Movement Concert!!

here r the pics for the far east movement concert 😀


Haii guyz…ik this blog is dedicated to cazmo..buht im gonna make a new page about Kingdoms at War (KaW)! This is an iPhone/iTouch app that can get very addicting 😀  my username on KaW is the same as on cazmo….lolzx… anywayz…yeah..

Ambassador Lauren411 (on cazmo)

ps: twinkss plzz help me with my blogg xC

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